Have you ever wanted to try mystery shopping? I have mystery shopped several times now. I do not mind it but also feel it can be a hassle. You typically purchase something using your own money and then are reimbursed plus paid an additional amount for fulfilling the terms. You have to be able to provide very accurate details, keep a good grasp on the time while in a shop, sometimes to the point of a stopwatch. Once the shop is finished you then need to be able to get online and upload photo’s of the receipts and pertinent information. You also fill out a survey. You typically only have a short time span in which to get the information uploaded and the survey complete. Once it is done and they approve the information, you wait to get paid.. anywhere from 30-90 days later.

While it sounds nice to be able to get paid it typically ends up being easier said than done. Either way, I know people who enjoy doing it very much and if that is you well I am posting a few websites you can check out.

I am only posting ones I have personally gone through and been paid. To the best of my knowledge these are decent companies to work for. If you have problems with the company I cannot be liable you need to take it up with the company itself.

Good Luck!