Conair 229R Frizz Defense Ionic Styling Hair Dryer, Fuschia

Conair hair dryer picture

PRICE $14.99

I was thinking of getting a hair dryer for my daughter’s birthday as she is turning 10 and does her own hair now. Every morning I hear how she can’t put her hair in a pony tail unless it is dry, but yet I still want her to take a shower and actually wash her hair. It seems fairly reasonable to come to the conclusion a hair dryer would be perfect (for her and for me as well).


Hot Tools Bugg Series Travel Dryer 1100 Watts

hair dryer called The Bugg picture

PRICE: $12.99

While thinking about this as a birthday gift I was watching  a few home movies from before she was born so about 11 years ago. I see one that has my husband, me, and our best friends at the time celebrating Christmas and opening presents together. In the video I hear my friend tell me she got me something I would never get for myself and when I opened it up I find a hair dryer. I laugh because that hair dryer from 11 years ago is the same one I am still using today!

That made me think it might be time to look into purchasing a couple new hair dryers and I found several on Amazon I may buy.


Revlon Rvdr5029 1875 Watt Smoothstay Ceramic Ionic Dryer, Maroon

revlon hair dryer maroon

PRICE: $16.77


Do you have any suggestions? The ones I am looking at are shown below. I also feel they are decently priced.