Recently I finished reading the Hunger Games series. If you are a Twilight fan you should enjoy these as well. It follows the story of a teenage girl in a futuristic scenario. There is no more United States but rather an colonies of the sort but in a forced sense as if in a concentration camp. Each year there is a Hunger Game. Each “district” must provide one boy and one girl to participate. The Hunger Games are played to the death where there is only one winner. Each book I was addicted to from front to back and luckily I had all three ready to read so I wouldn’t have to wait to find out what happens next.

You can visit to read more about these books or purchase them. I also recommend checking them out at your local library. I know ours in Central Oregon have them.

Hunger Games front cover of book

The movie I’d suggest renting or buying is Limitless starring Bradley Cooper. At first I did not get into it as much but as the story continued I warmed up and really enjoyed it. I felt it had a decent ending but won’t give anything away should you not have seen it yet. The basic story-line is guy (Bradley C.) takes little magic pill that allows him to use his full brain capacity. He see’s things he normally would miss allowing him to create a more likable and engaging persona.  People start to take notice, he gets into some rough matters, and lots of action. Some blood and guts type stuff so not for the little kids. Good ending. I’d recommend.

Limitless movie cover

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