I’m an avid Swagbucks users. If you have never heard of it I’ll break it down. Anytime you get online you might possibly do a quick search whether it be for pictures of hippopotamus, the bank’s phone number, or a recipe for that yummy spinach dip your coworker brought to work they other day. Well, if you turn that search into points, eventually those points add up. My favorite prize redemption is the Amazon.com $5 gift cards. Every time I earn 450 swag I pop over to my account and “spend” my newly earned points called “swag” just like cash. It does take them about 1-2 weeks to get you the prize redemption pushed through but then you get to actually spend that $5 on whatever you like at Amazon.com. The last $5 we spend was to purchase a movie my husband wanted but we couldn’t find it at our local Blockbuster, Redbox or even on Netflix.. Weird I know!

yes I do get referral credit if you sign up under me but you can turn around and tell all your really cool friends to sign up as well! Getting you the same.

Oh and if you still aren’t sure, and think, “Hey! This is a coupon blog!” I will add they offer coupons as well! Basically the same setup as Coupons.com but when you print them, use them, then points get added to your Swagbucks! Double awesome going on dude..

And no, this is not really how I sound in real life, I just thought it was fun to write a post this way. LOL (that’s Laugh-Out-Loud for the unwise generation)…

So click this banner below… or this link HERE and go sign up already…

Search & Win

your still here? go on…. you know you are curious..