I have long wanted to own/open my own business. As a little girl I ran make-believe stores for fun, everything from my own library “renting” my personal books, to setting up a table at the street and trying to sell my teddy bears. I even did the lemon-aid stand many times. A rather unique idea my friends and I had was to get permission from a neighbor to pick some of her daffodils (because she had a yard full of them) and then going door-to-door selling them for 5 cents each.

Well, I grew up and as I started working for other people I began to realize I just need to open my own business.

I have come up with many ideas in the meantime:

  • Baby Resale Shop
  • Book Store
  • Massage Shop
  • Virtual Assistant

…and these are only a few!

I went to back to school after working for 10 years and being a SAHM for a while. I now have my Associates in Business Management. I continued after that to pursue my other dream of being in the Real Estate market, though I ended up as a Broker and what I really want is to be an Appraiser. I pursued being a RE Broker for 1 year and had my 1 and only sale… Woot Woot! But as we all know the market is terrible right now and for someone who is new to the industry AND new to the area (less than 3 years) it will take some time before I can really make decent money from that industry again.

Back to trying to figure out what to do with my life and I still want to own my own business. I would love to be making enough to support my own physical store but I cannot vouch for that right away, especially since our credit is shot after losing a home.

I have decided to pursue being a Virtual Assistant but that will take some time and a bit of money to get started.

In Part 2 of this series I will cover what I need to do and what I need to get in order to open this business.