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Friday night we took the kids to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon at McMenamins Old St. Francis Theater. I know many Central Oregon residents go there but if you haven’t it is worth it.

Cost: $3 per adult and $1 per child (before 6pm). After 6pm children are $2 each.

So the cost for our family to see a movie there is only $9 vs. paying the astronomical fee’s at the big theaters.

The atmosphere is much different. The main section of the large theater room is filled with older style love seats, two on each side of the main aisle with a coffee table in between to set your drinks. The outsides of the room have standard chairs for those who get there too late to score the awesome love seats.

If you get there for a showing between 3 and 6pm you can order from the happy hour menu. Otherwise you can order regular and they bring out your food to you while you are watching the movie. A favorite happy hour menu is the tater tots for $2 a tray. You get enough to share for several people.

A tip if you are going is to show up at a minimum of 45 minutes prior to the start of the show. The line typically gets long and if it is out near the hallway that goes to the restrooms you most likely won’t get in to see the show. Our rule of thumb is to get to the show 1 hour before the start.. you get to stand in the hallway for most of that first 30-45 minutes but well worth getting your pick of seat and guaranteeing you get to see the show.